Jokake Real Estate Services

Designated Broker: Suzi Shoemaker

Jokake Real Estate Services provides asset management services to commercial and industrial properties. 

Working closely with owners and property management firms, JRES provides direction and oversight for the operational efficiency of each property we manage. 

Our objective is to maximize NOI, reduce and manage expenses including property taxes and insurance and maintain excellent tenant relations for long term retention.

JRES and its predecessors Southwest Agribusiness and Southwest Asset Solutions, has been providing agricultural management services in Arizona since 1985.  We work to maximize returns on farm and ranch operations and land investments while managing the risks associated with ownership.

Farm management services include land, crop, lease and water management, property tax review and tracking, FSA consulting, accounting services, risk management and land brokerage.

Notable accounts include:
  • Management and sale of Paloma Ranch: 92,000 acres
  • Creation of the Paloma Irrigation and Drainage District
  • Management Good Year Farms: 10,000 acres (aka Suncor Development)
  • Management of Santa Rosa Ranch: 5,500 acres
  • Management Tres Alamos Ranch: 1,700 acres